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Tips For First Time Voters

With the vital presidential election on the way, thousands of young people are awaiting the chance to exercise their right to vote for the very first time. You’ve been following the candidates’ every move and know their positions on all the issues. While it is good you’re prepared, here are five things first-time voters should also know before the big day.

first time voters

first time voters

• Am I registered?

Yes, voting is a constitutional right. However, you must be registered in order to cast your ballot in any election.
It is not uncommon for volunteers from various organizations to be on college campuses helping students register to vote. But if a voter registration form doesn’t present itself to you, then you can register online using sites such as Rock the Vote. While it is possible in some states to register the same day you vote, registration deadlines can range from a month to two weeks before the election, depending on what state you live in.

• Where do I vote?

Schools, homes or community centers can all be used as designated places for voting. Signs will make these places visible the day of the election, but you need to find the correct polling place for you.

• What kind of ID do I need to bring?

Changes in voter identification requirements in dozens of states have been making headlines for months. Many states that play a critical role in presidential elections have enacted stricter laws that require voters to present a photo ID before they can vote.

• What else is on the ballot?

Of course, the national focus of the 2012 election is on who will be the commander-in-chief for the next four years, but certain ballots will also include various measures to be voted on as well as members of Congress up for re-election.

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